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Pilates for Pregnant Women & New Moms

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Strong & Long

“Trisha is very exacting in her instruction, always paying paying proper attention to alignment and the Pilates technique of breathing. Each session is a challenge, and I love the way I feel during my lesson and how I feel when I leave. Even better, I have seen and I feel a considerable change in my body and am amazed at the lift in my butt and how much taller I look. I love my new posture.” ~ Sheila B.

Pain Free

“Trisha is contagious, and she is a great teacher! She knows what she’s doing and is able to anticipate what you’re able do. My balance and strength have significantly improved. When I had a frozen shoulder, Trish was able to get me further, faster than PT – cutting recovery time in half and eliminating my pain. Trish takes the lead and ensures you never want to give up!” ~ Marianne Ruggiero

Slim & Sexy

“Thank you for being such a great, thorough and upbeat teacher and for kicking my butt! I noticed immediate changes in my body, looking slimmer and feeling sexy again and my mommy posture is improving. I am continually challenged and renewed. Also, I truly enjoy the assisted stretching sequence for my neck and shoulders and feel so much more relaxed throughout my day.”  ~ Katie S. Mom of 2

I'm Trisha Margolis,

I specialize in Pilates for Pre & Postnatal women and guarantee you a stronger and more powerful body by promising to help you:

  • Get prepared for the birth of your baby
  • Re-build a great post-baby body
  • Banish your baby belly
  • Build a renewed pelvic floor
  • Eradicate pain & Diastasis Recti
  • Love your new lean & strong body

Because I’m a mother, I get the challenges and fears that arise around regaining your beauty and strength and I promise you compassionate support on your journey back to flexibility, freedom, and joy in your body.

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists confirm...

“Pregnancy is an ideal time for maintaining or adopting a healthy lifestyle with Pilates!”

Research Scientists

The Mayo Clinic

“Research suggests that Pilates is a form of somatic education with the potential to cultivate mindfulness, and offers greater improvements in pain and functional ability compared to other forms of treatment.”

“Pilates isn’t just for fitness fanatics. Besides being great for the prevention and treatment of back pain, it’s actually an accessible way to build strength in your core muscles for better posture, balance, and flexibility.

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Thank you for being such a great, thorough and upbeat teacher! And for kicking my butt. I started to notice almost immediate changes in my body and Mommy posture working with you. I am continually challenged and renewed. I truly enjoy the assisted stretching sequence for my neck and shoulders.
Katie S.Mom of 2