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Fit Mama Testimonials


I resist any kind of physical exercise, but knowing I had to do something, I tried Pilates. If it weren’t for Trish, not sure I’d have gotten over my resistance. Her commitment to Pilates is contagious, and she is a great trainer. She knows what she is doing and is able to anticipate what you can do. She finds the place that requires effort but is do-able – you want to deliver and there’s no wiggle room to give up. My balance and strength have significantly improved. When I had a frozen shoulder, Trish was able to get me further, faster than PT – though the combination was very effective, cutting recovery time in half. There are two kinds of people – give up and go up people. Trish takes the lead and ensures you never want to give up!

Marianne RuggieroOptima Careers, LLC

Thank you for being such a great, thorough and upbeat teacher! And for kicking my butt. I started to notice almost immediate changes in my body and Mommy posture working with you. I am continually challenged and renewed. I truly enjoy the assisted stretching sequence for my neck and shoulders.

Katie S.Mom of 2

I started working with Trisha three years ago and have greatly enjoyed my time with her. She is very exacting in her instruction, always paying paying proper attention to alignment and the Pilates technique of breathing. Each session is a challenge, and I love the way I feel during the training and how I feel when I leave. Even better, I have seen and I feel a considerable change in my body and my posture. It has even helped me become a better golfer.

Sheila B.